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How to Achieve a Great Vehicle Wrap Design

How do I want my vehicle wrap to look? Which colors do I choose? What’s the most important information that should be included? These are some of the major questions when preparing to design your vehicle wrap.

Design Pre-process:

Before sketching out your own ideas, create a mood board of how you would like your brand to be perceived. Researching vehicle wrap designs can be a great starting point, but let’s not steal somebody else’s design. Remember, when designing your vehicle wrap you want it to be unique and simple at the same time.


Once you’ve thought about how you want your wrap to look, let’s get into the specifics. Our graphic designers will need the vehicle type, dimensions, brand details, logos, and any other specifications that would go into your design. The more information and preferences you give the designer, the better they can design vehicle wraps for you!

Color Choices:

We have a variety of 3M Vinyl in stock for your convenience but if you have a color in mind, we can order for you! Think about your logo/brand color palette and how you would integrate that into your wrap design.


Be bold with your design. You have a vehicle as your entire canvas, so this gives your designer the chance to create eye catching graphics! However, don’t overcrowd you wrap with a variety of images/colors. Think of it as a painting. You need colors that compliment each other. The message to be clear and a balanced composition. Be simple and obvious with your design so that you avoid a cluttered design job.

Important Information:

What should your vehicle wrap say? It’s important to include your company logo. Without a logo, it makes it difficult for consumers to remember who you are. Other information to include would be your office phone number, address, social media address and maybe a slogan. It’s a good idea to keep the copy to a minimum so that there’s focus on the overall design.


It's always beneficial to get your vehicle wrap done with an experienced team. I-Decal Sign Co. has 15 years of experience in designing and installing vehicle wraps. We will walk you through the process and assure it's the final design you want. Give us a call for a free quote: (956) 580-0800

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