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Vehicle Magnets Vs Decals

What is the best way to advertise your business in a wide variety of locations?

Vehicle advertising. A form of advertising that is so simple and self-sufficient. Car magnetics and decals are the perfect solution for your business needs on the go!

Of course it might be difficult to choose one or the other. But with a few pros and cons maybe you'll find what you're looking for. (Don't forget to check with your states Department of Vehicles about any regulations.)

Car magnetics are pretty easy to install yourself. They are easily stuck to steel vehicles and have a good grip but may fall. If the vehicle you are using is your own personal vehicle you wouldn't have to worry about a commitment like a decal and could easily remove the magnetic to use it for a weekend away from work. Our recommendation is to remove the magnetic ever so often so the area might have some sun exposer. Another con would be that magnetics are only limited to small sizes.

Decals on the other hand, are great for permanent advertising and they won't damage the paint job if you wish to go that route. They allow a much larger area to be covered for information you wish to share like name of the business, phone number, address and sometimes the TSLC number as your state's D.O.V. permits. You can even wash your vehicle without having to worry about removing your decals but over washing will pose a threat to them peeling and fading overtime as most things tend to do.

We only use the best of 3M vinyl for our products so we guarantee, which ever option you choose, the final product will be one that you'll love.

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