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Sign Manufacturing in 4 Steps

infographic explaining sign manufacturing

Text from Infographic:

Sign Manufacturing in Four Steps

Signs are the most straightforward advertising method needed for any business, big or small. The sign making process is actually a bit more tedious but the end result is always worth it. Here are some of the steps towards making a sign.

1. Sign of Approval

All signs are custom fabricated to the customer's specifications from the time you place the order. You go through a design process where the designer shall correspond with you several proofs before approving. Once signed off, the design is sent off to be manufactured.

Note: 50% down payment required before anything can be done.

2. Sign Permit Application

Our sign application service are included when ordering your custom sign (Exterior Signs Only). We will fill one out for you and submit it to city Planning and Building Department as we are held responsible of fabrication. This application is processed for 3-14 business days but all the while we will keep in contact.

3. Production

During this step, we focus our efforts in making sure that everything that has been ordered and signed is followed thoroughly: Selection of materials. Printing the artwork on it's specific equipment. Constructing the framework or mounting hardware.

4. Finalization & Installation

During the entire process we will be in contact with you. As soon as it's done, you will receive either an e-mail/phone call stating you order is complete and a request for scheduling the installation. Before anything can be done first you must complete payment, if you have an open balance pending.

Visit our website for more information:

or Call Us (956) 580-0800 for a FREE estimate!

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